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With the swiftness of our pace, the distance of our work environment, and the constant evolution of our system, it may seem a little complex to find a space to express your thoughts or share experiences within the school community.

In DeSoto ISD, we value your presence and appreciate your daily contributions to the growth, improvement, and innovation of our school system. We want you to know that your voice matters.

We believe in the Valuable Observations and Insight from our Connected Employees. You hold a perspective that is respected and vital to the critical conversations that will help propel DeSoto ISD forward.

YOU Matter. YOUR VOICE Matters. EAGLES Matter.

This year, we are unveiling DeSoto ISD Employee V.O.I.C.E., a safe space online for our staff to share what is on your mind anytime and anywhere you can access the internet. You can:

  • Celebrate others

  • Give a virtual round applause

  • Ask a question

  • Share an idea

  • Make a comment

  • Provide insight on an area for improvement

To share your Employee Voice, please complete the form by clicking the link below this message. Your entry will be reviewed and shared with the appropriate department and if necessary, a reply will be sent to you. If it is applause, we will consider elevating it district-wide.

This is open to all DeSoto ISD Employees. It is for you to have an additional way to communicate with your district. Please note that it does not replace the formal issue resolution procedures in place by your department, campus or the district. Neither does it replace the department-specific emails to address your everyday workplace needs such as:

Human Resources: HR@DeSotoISD.org

Technology: HelpDesk@DeSotoISD.org

Employee Benefits: Benefits@desotoisd.org

Payroll: Payroll@desotoisd.org

Communication is at least a two-way street and we are listening!

Please let us hear your Eagle V.O.I.C.E.

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