Strategic Plan: Be The Future

The vision of DeSoto ISD is to inspire curiosity and consciousness, develop character, build courage and nurture compassion.


The mission of DeSoto ISD is to ensure students, without exception, learn and grow at their highest levels.


Our Values:

  • Every Student
  • Relentless Equity
  • Unconditional Belonging
  • Collective Excellence
  • Courageous Learning
  • Community Greatness


Graduate Profile:

Our approach to graduate aim will be driven be navigating real world problems through research-based/STEM thinking communication, critical thinking growth mindset and social justice orientation. Click here to learn more.


Commitments & Priorities:

DeSoto ISD has adopted seven commitments that encompass the aspirations of the district. Each of these commitments include a set of priorities (or strategies) that go along with them. Click here to learn more.